How Does TTR Data Recovery Safeguard My Sensitive Data?

Sometimes you have to turn your data devices over to the professionals. Shouldn’t you have assurances that they’re handled with the utmost respect and caution? When it comes to security, TTR Data Recovery is the only company you can depend on to treat your data and hardware better than you would yourself.

A Novel Approach to Data Security & Confidentiality

Our data privacy standards are unparalleled in our industry. By living and breathing cybersecurity in our own daily operations, we improve the way we work and increase our knowledge of relevant threats. This ultimately gives us the skills to keep your vital information secure.

Why do we insist on maintaining such a pervasive culture of security compliance? Our goal isn’t just to stop occasional breaches or cut back on known vulnerabilities. Instead, we’ve built a comprehensive approach to security backed by ISO 9001 quality-management standards. In short, we deliver safeguards that enterprise and private consumers can rely on for consistent protection.


What Does TTR Data Recovery Offer That Others Lack?

In addition to being one of the data recovery industry’s only ISO 9001-certified leaders, we maintain a range of controls that help us identify, mitigate and respond to risk. These include:

Consistent Security Updates

We never let our standards fall behind. To ensure your information remains safe throughout the entire recovery process, every system we operate is constantly updated to withstand incursion. When we find out about new vulnerabilities, we don’t expose your data to them unless we’ve deployed battle-tested countermeasures first.

Up-to-date Encryption

Whenever we transfer data, we use strong, industry-standard encryption algorithms to minimize the risk of oversights. Whereas other companies make excuses or become lax, vigilance is ingrained in every aspect of our methodology.

Iron-Tight Servers and Facilities

Your data is only as safe as the machines that house it. That’s why our servers employ proven controls at the filesystem, OS and network levels to prevent access you didn’t specifically approve

Constant Access Monitoring and Security Audits

By placing strict controls on access and operation, we’ve been able to reduce the likelihood of direct attacks and accidental data exposures alike. We never stop monitoring who touches your data and pushing the limits to improve how our security systems respond. In the end, we’re able to provide an accurate chain of custody that makes our protective efforts stronger and increases the ease of spotting potential risks early.

Our transparent chain of trust continues until your data is back in your hands. Whether we ship you a completely fresh hard drive or send you recovered files via secure FTP, your information is guarded by the best the industry has to offer at every step.

Our Credentials Makes TTR Data Recovery The Best At What We Do

The accolades we’ve won are a testament to our ability to protect the information that lets your enterprise thrive. Even as we work hard to restore your data to its original state, we take great pains to adhere to:

 Our staff are Certified Macintosh Technicians, and we’re the only data recovery company to hold IACRB Certified Data Recovery Professional accreditation. We’re Trusted by NASA, and we even maintain PCI certification to keep your payment and financial data safe.

No matter where your operational goals lie, you can count on TTR Data Recovery Services to get you back on track as securely as possible. Discover more by contacting (888) 328-2887 now

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