Certified SOC Type II Secure Data Recovery Service

Promoting an Open Certification Model

We’re firmly committed to helping you establish a traceable chain of trust for your hard drive recovery operations. We’ll always make our certified SOC Type II credentials publicly available for your perusal, and we think other data recovery services ought to do no less.

You’ve already suffered through enough hardship during your initial data loss. Why should the recovery process be fraught with uncertainty as well? View our credentials here or download a PDF copy for further use. Whether you need to maintain a private record of your recovery vendor’s certification for internal business purposes or demonstrate your dedication to security to your own clients and stakeholders, TTR Data Recovery makes it easy to access the documentation that backs you up.

What Does Certified SOC Type II Secure Data Recovery Guarantee?

SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II secure data recovery practices ensure that your organization remains compliant. Laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 hold you to extremely stringent standards, and that’s to say nothing of the additional legal hoops your home state makes you jump through. By working with an organization whose certification goes above and beyond individual pieces of legislation, you stay covered.

The rules dictate that you maintain positive control over sensitive information, like patient records and consumer addresses, and you aren’t excused from liability simply because you’ve sustained a major hardware failure. If your hard drive or RAID data recovery service doesn’t also handle your information properly, you’re just as responsible for any outcome that arises.

Undergoing routine audits lets our organization confirm that our clean rooms, personnel and procedures are all conformant with stringent data-handling standards. We never lose track of information or allow unauthorized access because we operate within a framework that neither tolerates laxity nor accepts oversight. In addition, our conformance with SSAE standards also means our security systems are regularly policed, updated and strengthened, so we’re just as well equipped for confronting tomorrow’s threats as we are for handling known dangers.

Secure Data Recovery That Meets Your Diverse Needs

Working with a compliant hard drive recovery service like TTR also helps data-dependent organizations harmonize their standards conformance. Our SOC 2 Type II certification doesn’t mean we slack off elsewhere; on the contrary, the hard work it takes to maintain SSAE certification also finds applications in other domains. Our dedication to staying on top of industry best practices means we’re one of the world’s few companies also certified by ISO 9001 Data Recovery and IACRB Professional Data Recovery standards. No matter how your corporate mandate dictates you protect your data, TTR Data Recovery makes it easier to fulfill your mission objectives.