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At TTR Data Recovery, we’re proud to help government agencies leverage the advantages of our established data expertise. Our decision to pursue General Services Administration, or GSA, contractor status reflects our dedication to bringing data recovery to all kinds of clients, not just businesses.

By maintaining our approved contractor designation, we’re continuing to support those who serve greater ends than their own. Discover how we can help you fulfill missions of national importance by verifying our GSA eLibrary profile online

GSA Government Contractor | TTR Data Recovery

GSA Certified Data Recovery Service eLibrary


GSA Contract: GS-35F-286GA
Cage Code: 7DTN9

GSA Certified Data Recovery Service Advantage


GSA Contract: GS-35F-286GA
Cage Code: 7DTN9

A Commitment to Excellence

We prove the strength of our claims with real action. In addition to holding ISO 9001:2008 data recovery credentials, we’re the only enterprise to maintain IACRB Certified Data Recovery Professional accreditation.

We also work hard to facilitate straightforward access to our broad portfolio of services. Our comprehensive GSA schedule makes it easy for clients to price projects and maintain transparency. With a wide range of customizable options and perks like complimentary recovery attempts, it’s simple to choose the best solution for your budget.

Put Our GSA Schedule to Good Use

No matter where your agency is or how it houses its hardware, there’s a TTR Data Recovery specialist nearby. Our GSA schedule services include features like convenient online job progress tracking, a range of shipping and pickup options and emergency response services that official bodies can truly depend on.

From rescuing mismanaged RAID arrays to recovering physically compromised flash storage media, we take every possible step we can to deliver consistent, high-quality results. As of the few companies that utilize ISO 5 Certified Class 100 Cleanroom settings, we’re devoted to maximizing the chances of a successful recovery no matter what circumstances caused the loss in question.

What is GSA and GSA Contract

General Services Administration or GSA is a government agency that manages government-owned buildings and real estate. GSA provides acquisition solutions as well as develop governmentwide policies. In order to streamline and efficiently manage the purchase of commercial products and service, GSA Schedules, also known as Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) or Federal Supply Schedules, was created.

GSA schedules are long-term and governmentwide, thus allowing providers to sell to federal agencies, and state and local governmeants, using just one contract. GSA schedule lasts for five years, with a possibility of renewal for 20 years. A GSA Schedule Contract is also defined as indefinite delivery and indefinite quantity, which means that it is open-ended. This allows federal customers to acquire commercial products or services with no fixed amount.

How Does A Prospective Provider Get GSA Schedules contract?

With the exception of IT Schedule 70 eligible companies, vendors who wish to get a GSA Schedule must have been in the business for two  years and must provide two years of financial statement — showing revenue of at least $25,000. A prospective vendor must also have a measurable record of past performance. If the prospective vendor sells a product, the company must be TAA (Trade Agreements Act) compliant.

Security is Always a Given

As a certified SSAE 16 SOC Type II secure data recovery provider, we differentiate ourselves from other GSA contractors. Thanks to our attention to detail, robust encryption and adherence to internationally proven standards, we’re able to ensure that agencies can depend on more effective recovery services. We help you establish an unbroken chain of custody to maintain confidentiality as we offer unbridled access to the world’s best recovery techniques.

Get More From Your Data Storage

As a local or federal agency, you strive to balance budget constraints and legacy systems with a constant push for increased operational efficiency. At TTR Data Recovery, we don’t believe that a temporary media loss or hardware fault should become a permanent roadblock in your quest for betterment.

With our Virginia headquarters located near the seat of government and laboratory facilities across the country, we understand what it means to provide services that satisfy the highest possible standards. Find out what working with a GSA data recovery provider can do for you by contacting us now.


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