We can’t achieve a higher rating than the current A+ credentials we hold from the BBB, but that doesn’t stop our quest for improvement. Every last member of our team is constantly on the lookout for better ways to put effective data recovery within reach of more businesses. So far, our hard work has paid off, and we’re not the only ones reaping the rewards.

How a BBB Rating Is Calculated?

BBB ratings take numerous key factors into account, including:

Whether we have a history of recorded BBB complaints

How long we’ve been operating in the data-recovery field

Whether we fulfill our BBB obligations, such as arbitration

Whether we engage in transparent business practices

Whether we’re subject to licensing or regulatory actions

Whether our advertising incorporates truthful practices and verifiable claims

Tying the Data Together

 It’s easy to see how these benchmarks work together to reflect the high quality of service you can expect from TTR Data Recovery. Bearing A+ accreditation means that we’ve scored at least 97 out of 100 points on the combined BBB scale that evaluates these criteria. Our intensive focus on impactful, comprehensive customer service has clearly impressed real-world clients enough for them to report great things.

An Uncompromising Standard of Quality

One notable aspect of our BBB rating is that we’re not directly involved in its calculation or modification. While businesses are permitted to dispute complaints and use the BBB resolution system, we’ve discovered we generate far better results by concentrating on the work we perform instead.

TTR Data Recovery clients can always exercise their right to anonymously report our achievements or deficiencies to the BBB as they see fit. As a result, our A+ rating stands as a testament to what people really think about our performance.

Discover Your Reason to Love TTR Data Recovery Services

Of course, every one of our clients has their own unique reasons for soliciting our data recovery offerings. That’s why we work to fulfill a diverse array of needs and make it easier to start, track and complete data recovery projects regardless what other kinds of issues are on your plate.

Here are just a few of the factors that earn us so many devoted fans:

Our preparedness is legendary. You can start your job online at any time and rely on 24/7/365 support.

We’ll pay for shipping, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll pick up your media personally.

 We’re vetted by major hardware manufacturers, so successful retrieval is far more likely.

 We maintain ISO Cleanroom, IACRB, PCI and SOC Type II certifications.

What Our Most Notable Clients Think About Our Business

Hear what other people have to say about how TTR Data Recovery helped them:


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