Why Turn to Us for Mac and Apple Data Recovery?

Getting Apple certification is not an easy task but it provides us the distinction and competitive edge by achieving a high-level of technical proficiency and expertise to troubleshoot and fix technical issues involving Apple products.

AppleCare Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) certification is issued to technicians who have passed proficiency exams for Macintosh desktop and laptop computers, servers, and operating systems. ACMT certification requires a technician to pass Apple Service Fundamentals and the ACMT 2018 Mac Service Certification.

In addition to having the highest reputation in our industry, and one of the only ISO certified data recovery clean room in the United States, TTR is uniquely qualified to work with Apple products, featuring:

Apple Certification | TTR Data Recovery
  • Ongoing product-specific training directly from Apple to ensure that we are following the best practices and thoroughly understand their technology
  • Regular certification updates that involve experience and testing with Mac computers
  • Years of experience on a variety of models, including different hardware types and hard drive restoration projects

And of course, all Mac and Apple data recovery services are backed by our satisfaction guarantee and no-data, no-fee policies.

Apple Service Fundamentals

The Apple Service Fundamentals develops the participant’s skills on customer experience and managing expectations, diagnostics and troubleshooting, electrostatic discharge (ESD) precautions and safety, embedded battery safety, and product knowledge.

While ACMT 2018 Mac Service Certification is a permanent credential, Apple certified technicians must still take courses associated with new products through the Apple Technical Learning Administration System (ATLAS) .

Common Causes of Data Loss on Mac Devices
  • Physical Damage – Mac hard drives, like Window-based computers, are also prone to physical damage such failure due to water damage and accidental drop which an affect and damage the spindle motor and render your files inaccessible.
  • Electronic Issues – power surges and power outages can damage the electronic components in the hard drive like the micro-controller chip and voltage suppressor.
  • Logical failure – many Mac hard drives use Hierarchical File System that allows for faster file access. HFS, however, is also prone to issues that could cause data loss:
  • Catalog file corruption -If any of the four nodes (head, lead, index, map nodes) gets compromised, files will get inaccessible.
  • Resizing volumes failure – While you can resize the partition on your Mac hard drive, interruption during the resizing process could cause in partition and data loss.
  • Journal file corruption – journal files allow Mac users to restore the file system to the last state in case of abrupt system shutdown.
  • Human errors – files may get deleted by their users accidentally as well such as formatting the Mac hard drive by mistake.

Let us Get Started with Your Mac or Apple Data Recovery Project

When your computer hard drive has become damaged you need to access to the files you lost quickly and a team of specialists you can count on to do great work at a fair price. That’s where TTR comes in. We’ve become leaders in the field of data recovery, with several locations throughout the US, by bringing together the best mix of technology, expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.
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