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TTR Help Louisiana Flooding Victims With Data Recovery

By May 2, 2017 No Comments
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25 percent discounts + Free 1TB external hard drive to individuals and businesses who suffered from historic flooding (RAID, NAS, Hard Drive, Phone, Laptop, Desktop, Flash media)

In the wake of a natural disaster, TTR Data Recovery takes swift action.

Fairfax, VA – August 25, 2016 – TTR Data Recovery, a pioneer in commercial and private data-recovery services, revealed its intent to provide 25 percent discounts + 1TB external hard drive to individuals and businesses who suffered from historic flooding in the state of Louisiana.

According to Louisiana State Governor John Bel Edwards, the national media has largely overlooked the record-breaking flood. On August 14, however, the incident was designated as a Major Disaster by President Obama and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. By late August, the incident had resulted in the damage of some 100,000 homes and necessitated the emergency relocation of tens of thousands of residents.

Much of the recovery focus to come will naturally lie in areas like building remediation and infrastructure restoration. Still, Flooding Data Recovery was quick to point out the importance of post-disaster data recovery. Company leaders hope that offering a significant discount of 25 percent will bolster the state’s most vulnerable areas.

“Many of the businesses and government agencies that help the affected communities get back on their feet will rely on data resources to do so,” says TTR Data Recovery’s Candace Garthee. “Whether these resources include information like public records, contact lists, ledgers or support systems used by emergency teams, we’re glad to help.”

Observers say that TTR Data Recovery couldn’t have lent a hand at a more opportune moment. The company’s decades of experience will prove highly valuable not only for businesses but also private citizens and families.

The discount also applies to data recovery services for devices like mobile phones, tablets and personal computers. As such, it should play a significant role in helping victims recover property and health records they can use to file insurance claims. Of course, the company also eagerly looks forward to aiding people as they attempt to reconstruct sentimental data, such as photos and videos.

“Our first piece of advice is to stay safe,” noted Candace. “From there, we recommend immediately preserving any data-storage equipment. Don’t try to dry out the hardware, power it on or run diagnostic software. Instead, simply store it as is in a freezer bag or similar airtight container. Then, contact our specialists for further guidance. The sooner action is taken, the better chance we have of recovering data.”

Were you affected by the Louisiana flooding? Take advantage of this discount by reaching out to TTR Data Recovery at 1.888.328.2887 today.

About TTR Data Recovery

TTR Data Recovery is an industry leader in all forms of data recovery. Known as unique for employing only and maintaining SOC Data Recoveryoperations, the company is famous for its rapid emergency assistance, including disaster recovery, and partnerships with leading storage manufacturers.

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